Developing a disruptive agency brand revolving around human connection.



  • Professional Serices
  • Marketing
  • Consultancy

Scope of work

  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Office stationery
  • Branded uniforms
  • Marketing collateral
  • Digital presence
  • Web design


  • 2020

Seranzo is a marketing consultancy agency that is looking to educate business owners in connecting the marketing with the management side of business.

The mission

Challenging the status quo through disruption.

The mission was to develop a brand strategy & identity based on radical differentiation, thus positioning the brand as an innovator in the local market.

The goal

A brand culture centered around human connection.

After defining Seranzo’s core values, the real challenge became crafting a visual language that would be focused on this disruptive behavior. The new identity had to be centered around human connection while also positioning Seranzo as an innovator and showcasing their value proposition: a passion for old-school business, a huge network of contacts and access to international professionals for any type of demand.

The outcome

A thriving company and a brand fulfilling its purpose.

We have designed a brand identity that revolves around two of Seranzo’s core mission statements: “It’s all about your story” & “Building bridges between our clients and their clients”.

The strategy's goal

The key goal of the future strategy was simple: developing all aspects of a radically differentiated brand. The stepping point was identifying its character and visuals as a disruptor while also defining a brand voice centered around building human connections.

The strategic theme

The strategy process revealed crucial insights & market gaps, and everything was boiled down to the pillar of the upcoming brand - the word 'story'.

Thus, the internal brand had to revolve around communication and the brand's offering was focused on storytelling through strategic means.

Brand Vision

Seranzo’s vision is to become the best storyteller globally and to represent ideas they believe in. They want to help build the brands of tomorrow.

Brand Purpose

Seranzo’s core purpose is to educate business owners in connecting the management with the marketing side of their companies through strategic storytelling.

Target Audience

Seranzo plans to target those that share the same values, the dreamers that fight to create a new improved society, and who want to go back to a time when business was about human relations.

Capturing the brand's mission

By aligning the core story concept of the upcoming brand with the key brand values - connection, passion, helpfulness - Seranzo's core mission statement and tagline were defined: “Building bridges between our clients and their clients” & “It's all about your story”.

A human brand voice

A strong digital presence was deemed a strategic objective, and a human-centric brand voice had to be defined, implemented, and leveraged across all digital channels to achieve it.

These channels will be mainly used for reaching and educating the brand's target audience, so the tone of voice used throughout them needs to match the following characteristics:

  • Audience: Knowledgeable
  • Formality: Informal
  • Domain: Business
  • Tone: Confident, Open & Optimistic
  • Intent: Inform & Convince

Logotype Breakdown

Seranzo’s logotype is based on a custom typeface, designed specifically with the brand’s characteristics in mind.

It had to stand for boldness, making a statement in the current market that Seranzo isn’t here to do things the old superficial way.

Logomark Breakdown

Seranzo’s logomark is inspired by connection.

Thus the logomark is meant to take the shape of a bridge seen from a frontal point of view. It’s meant to stand for connectivity, human relations, boldness, also resembling an empowering bird-like figure.

The brand typography

It was agreed that a custom futuristic typeface based on the logotype would be a strong differentiation factor in a market overflowed with rigid corporate identities. That's how the Seranzo typeface was born.

The modern combination between the Grotesque and the Sans-Serif typefaces as a secondary tool began shaping the bold and premium look & feel of the visual identity.

Headlines & titles

Subtitles & Body Text

The color scheme

The Seranzo brand is underpinned with a unique color palette that help distinguish the brand and create a consistent experience across media and products.

The dark green-based color scheme alludes to the brand’s main values and provides a contemporary, premium look.

Tonys Pink

PMS 14-1220 TPG
CMYK: 7% 35% 45% 0%
RGB: 234 174 139
HEX: #eaae8b

Blue Dianne

PMS 8760 C
CMYK: 86% 45% 56% 26%
RGB: 32 95 95
HEX: #205f5f


PMS 19-4201 TSX
CMYK: 74% 67% 61% 70%
RGB: 34 35 39
HEX: #222327

Designing the website

Seranzo's brand concept is extended from the stationery onto the website with the same bold visual statement, only adapted for the web.

Taking into account Seranzo's plan of focusing on their digital presence, custom features have been designed that visually incorporate the brand's social channels within key pages.

Shaping a digital presence

Seranzo's extensive plans for their digital channels raised the need of creating an aesthetic line that would communicate digital trustworthiness to all.

The visual layouts of the social profiles have been developed to catch the user's attention and redirect it towards the brand's primary contact information while the post templates have been designed to get the maximum level of engagement out of the viewer.

Three possible post layouts have been developed as part of Seranzo's early campaign of educating their audience and establishing trust:


These posts present a theoretical problem potential clients may face, and urge them to engage with Seranzo by asking how to solve that problem.


These posts are all about Seranzo and what they can do. They provide details on the services, offers, and mindsets behind their company.


These posts are about educating their audience. They will be written as tips & tricks that the audience can quickly apply to shape their businesses.

Developing the guidelines

Although it is impossible to predict every type of situation, brand execution, or implementation, these brand guidelines are designed to support the Seranzo brand in ensuring consistency and quality across the brand’s touchpoints.

Our overall experience with Studio Defalt was very good and the final outcome was as expected! The challenge of the project was to create a completely new brand starting from a simple idea that developed into an entire concept. A new brand that's intelligent, original, and well-structured. Studio Defalt's strengths lied within thorough research, synchronization of ideas knowledge of new trends, and meeting deadlines. It was a successful collaboration, with an excellent end result! I highly recommend Studio Defalt's services!

Sergiu Zoț

CEO & Project Manager