Reimagining education through a Latin-American inspired concept


  • Culture & Education
  • Coffee Shop

Scope of work

  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Packaging
  • Office stationery
  • Web design


  • 2018

Quixote & Kids is a project looking to change the way Spanish is taught to kids in the U.S. by introducing them to the culture of Spanish speaking countries.

The mission

Blending education with Latin-American culture.

The mission was to develop a fresh brand identity that would perfectly envelop the two underlying concepts of the brand: education & Latin-American culture.

The goal

A culture-infused teaching environment.

The main vision of the project was creating a space where the main objective will be teaching Spanish to kids, but within an environment that will introduce them not only to the language but also to the culture. A further description was "almost as if you sent your kids to a Spanish- speaking country every time you visit the place".

The outcome

A fresh emerging educational concept.

Working from the concept and general creative direction established by Costanzo Studio, a logo, office stationery, marketing materials, and coffee shop branded items have been developed that supported Quixote & Kids as the fresh emerging educational concept it is. The visual design approach followed a modern interpretation of the famous Don Quixote windmill battle scene.

Defining the brand

On a strategy level, the future brand was defined by several key characteristics that inspired the resulting visual identity: Experience, Culture, Exploration, Language, Authenticity, and Life.

The brand's personality was outlined as being vibrant, passionate, ever-curious and accessible, making sure it adheres to the values of its target audience - parents who are seeking to gift their children a piece of their cultural heritage.

Sketching & Exploration

The paper windmill was chosen as the main element of the logo, in an attempt to link the symbol to the famous Don Quixote scene while keeping the required playful spirit.

Accent elements were added to symbolize the longevity and complexity of Latin-American culture. Ancient civilizations such as the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas - along with their symbolism - were researched and used as the foundation of the upcoming exploration for the brand’s symbol.

Color scheme

Latin-American graphic styles were examined to come up with a suitable approach for the color scheme. Vibrancy, variety and heavy texturing were some commonalities found within these graphic styles that inspired the chosen colors.

The final logo

The final form is direct in its iconization of a paper windmill. A handle was added to better link the concept to the playful look that was aimed for. The logomark was paired with a representative customized typeface that pays tribute to Latin-American culture.

Primary heading/display

Secondary heading/display

Scaling system

Since the mark was heavy on detail, a scaling system was developed that allows the logo to be used on a broader scale of applications.

Packaging & Print collateral

After the new visual identity was established, a collection of print collateral was created to position Quixote & Kids as the newly emerged educational project it is.

The client wanted to create a space where the main objective will be teaching Spanish to kids, but within an environment that will introduce them not only to the language but also to the culture. An integrated coffee shop was part of this environment, hence the branded coffee shop elements.